SHOCK REPORT: Remember That NBA Player JAVARIS CRITTENDON . . .Who Went To Jail For SHOOTING A WOMAN . . . Well They Caught Him SMOKING DRUGS . . . While In Jail!!

: Ex-NBA star Javaris Crittenton has been slapped with 2 new felony charges … ALL WHILE IN PRISON …. after being caught with drugs or dangerous weapons in the lock down facility

The ex-Los Angeles Lakers player is currently locked up in Georgia prison awaiting trial for 2 separate criminal cases … the first involving his role in a 2010 drive-by shooting of a Georgia woman and also his role in a massive drug ring which planned on moving 400 kilos of cocaine and 10 pounds of weed

Then on June 25th …. Crittenton was slapped with another criminal case in Fulton County, Georgia. He has been slapped with 2 new felony charges … the first being “unlawful for jail inmate to possess any controlled substance, drugs, gun, or dangerous weapons” along with “crossing state/count guard lines with weapons, intoxicants, drugs without consent”

Javaris was found in prison in possession of either drugs or weapons. A hearing on the matter has been set for July 24th in Georgia Court.