MTO EXCLUSIVE RUMORS: It Looks Like Vanessa Simmons DUMPED Her Babys Father . . . And Is A SINGLE MOM!! (#KermitFace# . . . But That’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS)

: has been looking CLOSELY at new mother Vanessa Simmons’ instagram, and she’s sounding like she DUMPED HER BABYS FATHER, Damon Wayans’ son. Look closely at the posts – talking about “Tine don’t wait for no man” and “You can’t break down a real woman” and “actions speak louder than words.”

Also, she scrubbed her Instagram of ALL PICS of dude – except a “Happy Fathers Day” post. That ain’t a good sign.

We hope it’s just NEW PARENT relationship ish . . . and that them two make it. Cause it would be a REAL SHAME if the Rev’s daughter ended up being somebody babys mama.