YUUU-CCCC-CKK!!! Rihanna Really Is a NASTY CHICK . . . She Takes A SWIM . . . In SH*T FILLED WATER!! (PICS)

: Rihanna was photo’d in Rio at the beach, and not just ANY BEACH. Yesterday she was at the Urca Beach, which is part of the Guanabara Bay. The bay has been heavily impacted by pollution of its waters with raw sewage, garbage, and oil spills.

Brazilian authorities say the water there is UNSUITABLE FOR SWIMMING OR WADING, but that ain’t stop RIHANNA.

BTW – that struggle booty of hers is starting to look worse and worse . . . especially since EVERYONE ELSE IN THE GAME is getting their booty done. Rih may soon have to just FALL IN LINE WITH THE TIMES – and get a booty enhancement.