: An MTOer sent in this report, she witnessed this with her OWN TWO EYES. Sounds to us like Jay and Bey are in one of those MARRIAGES F CONVENIENCE:

Beyonce and Jay-Z (very) recently came to my city for their On The Run Tour. My husband and I were at a very well known restaurant. Lots of celebs have been there, great food, very pricy. Anyway, Beyonce and JayZ walked in and were seated about 3 tables down. I had a clear view of them. (I noticed two men dressed in suits sat at the table next to them, I'm assuming they were bodyguards)

While I am NOT a Beyonce fan, I did feel a bit starstruck (mind you I've met many celebrities in my day). First thing that jumped out to me was how flawless her skin was. I mean FLAWLESS. Beautiful light caramel, just glowing. I noticed her eyes looked very tired though, almost sad. JayZ looked like a regular guy you would catch in the city. He's pretty slim too.

Anyway, they were there for about 45 minutes and did not say a word to each other. Jayz was looking at his phone most of the time. Beyonce sat leaned back in her chair, barely touched her food, and looked 'over it'- for a lack of better words.

I know there's been rumors of marital issues, but I never paid any mind to it. They always look loving towards each other in photos. But they looked very disinterested in each other at the dinner. Didn't speak, or look at each other.

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