We Just HEARD A RUMOR . . . So We Think We’ll SHARE IT!! It’s About Beyonce And Jay Z’s SURPRISE . . . During The Last Leg Of The ‘ON THE RUN’ TOUR!!!

: We just heard a rumor – from one of the people who WORKS o the set of Bey and Jay’s ON THE RUN tour. They tell us that Beyonce is going to take SUBLIMINAL JABS at Jay on every night o fthe tour – to keep people TALKING about them.

Then, we’re told, that Beyonce plans to serve Jay Z with DIVORCE PAPERS on the finale. It’s not clear whether the paperwork will be REAL or just for effect, but they’re going to use it to get EVEN MORE PUBLICITY.

That sounds real CRAZY. But we can tell you, this report IS COMING FROM A PERSON WORKING THE TOUR . . . so sip that tea and enjoy.