: MediaTakeOut.com just heard some CRAZY NEWS - LeBron James is reportedly LEAVING MIAMI - and headed back to CLEVELAND. How do we know? Well a woman who was reportedly LeBron James SIDE PIECE told her GFs.

According to a SNITCH, LeBron's FEMALE FRIEND, a woman named ROBIN - was in Miami last weekend, celebrating her birthday. While there, an MTO snitch was amongst her crew. And our snitch tells us that Robin told her girls that she SPOKE to LeBron and that he's planning on RETURNING TO CLEVELAND.

And she should know. Robin and LeBron have been friends and BUSINESS PARTNERS for many years. They started out MESSING AROUND back in the day, and LeBron gave her BIG $$ to start her hair salon in Cleveland - where he is a silent investor.

We can't speak on WHETHER Robin and LeBron are STILL messing around, but we can tell you that they are VERY cool . . . and they have MANY friends in common. So if anyone would know LeBron's plans, it's Robin. Oh . . . and she's giving HINTS on Twitter about it too.

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