MTO REAL HOUSEWIFE WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Apollo SNITCHED To Receive PREFERENTIAL Treatment . . . And You WON’T BELIEVE Who He Told On!!! (Exclusive Details)

: Yesterday Real Housewives star Apollo Nida received 8 years in prison – as opposed to the 30 years in PRISON that we was supposed to have received. At the time of sentencing, the judsge made reference to a “sealed” portion of the file – which contained information that WAS NOT MEANT to be seen by the public.

Well according to the information in that “sealed” document contains information that shows that Apollo provided INFORMATION to federal agents – about one of his PAROLE OFFICERS that was allegedly involved in the FRAUD with Apollo.

According to an insider with FIRST HAND INFORMATION on the case, during the course of Apollo’s CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE – somehow his PAROLE OFFICER became involved. And when the feds came looking for Apollo, he snitched on his parole officer. As a result of his SNITCHING, his sentence was reduced by 22 years.

Y’all are gonna have to help us out with this . . . is it considered SNITCHING if you snitch on the police??? We tried thinking about it and our head started to hurt . . .