K Michelle’s New Man GOT ISSUES . . . At Least That’s What His BABYS MOTHER Is Telling Us . . . She Just Put Dude ON BLASSSSTTTT!! (Tea Inside)

: We were so happy for K Michelle earlier this week when we saw her GUSHING on Instagram about her new boyfriend. Well that all changed when her new BF's BABYS MAMA reached out to us. It must be BABY MAMA DRAMA day on MTO - cause they're going HAM out chea!!!

Here is an email that we received from a woman, saying she's his BBM:

"I'm sending this email out of frustration and disgust. K Michelle is flaunting her new mystery love on social media as if he's the best thing ever, but unfortunately her new boo, code name A1, as she refers to in her post is Bobby Maze (professional basketball player), whose instagram is @no_fabrication (Mr. A1posture). The oxymoron of this all is that he's the biggest fabrication and the epitome of her song "Can't Raise A Man"....it's sad that someone like her who openly acknowledges her lack of better judgement when it comes to men repeats history over and over again.

Anyway...my gripe isn't with their so call new found love and relationship...It's more so that he is one of the biggest deadbeat dads out there and his monstrous approach to being a father (or should I say lack of), and his constant complaints about paying child support, despite being inconsistent with that. Let me explain, I'm assuming with his new girlfriend K Michelle celebrity status he feels the need to be on his best behavior, but yet fails to be that way with his children. Yes, I said children, though he and his family only claim one publicly (his oldest daughter which lives with his mom in Maryland). So to the world he comes across as this doting dad and talented basketball player that came from University of Tennesse Men's basketball, but never made it to the NBA (karma), to really know that you're beloved Bobby Maze doesn't do right by his own kids.

Bobby Maze is so busy living with his best friend Michael Beasley (Miami Heat Player) and hanging with all his other NFL, NBA, and Celebrity friends portraying the life of a man who has it all and does it all for everybody, but yet, doesn't do shit with or for his children, with the exception of the one in Maryland is the biggest fabricator and his posture is FUCKED up.

His deadbeat daddy ways and the fact that he can send flowers, jewels and make time for K Michelle, but can't even call or see our soon to be 4yr old daughter and never be with her for any extended time or special occasions, (like her birthday) but yet be in Knoxville, Tennessee for BMaze Celebrity Basketball Game with K Michelle right their entertaining his two IG celebrity guest @icejjfish and his own aunt @_auntcc is pathetic. You see, he's so busy, sending her his jeweler, flowers, text messages, and keeping up with the Jones or should I say K Michelle, he continuously neglects his responsibility, makes broken promises, never follows thru, and has all the excuses in the world for not being their for his children. . . .

The Memo is K Michelle your man is a fraud, a monster and a deadbeat....and if you knowingly support and love this type of person, then it let's me and the world know she is the same."

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