MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Tyga’s Babys Mother Chyna Put ON BLAST . . . She F*CKED Another Rapper . . . While Her Baby Was SLEEPING IN THE NEXT ROOM!!!

: Rapper Tyga’s babys mother BLAC CHYNA just had her business put out there in the STREETS!!!

You see she used to date another rapper named Fat Trel (who is on eof MMGs top young artists) . . . and Fat Trel had a falling out with his babys mother. Well the girl is snitching and telling all of Fat Trel’s business. First off, the heaux implicated him in some MURDERS!!

But after that she went fro the jugular – according to the ANGRY BIRD – Fat Trel was SMASHING Chyna while her and Tyga’s baby was in the next room sleeping. Oh, and she says that Fat Trel was digging her out in TYGA’S CRIB!!!

Dang . . . these heaux ain’t loyal . .