MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: It Finally Happens . . . Kanye West MOVES OUT On Kim Kardashian . . . Moves To PARIS!! (The REAL Reason . . . They’re SELLING Their ‘DREAM’ Home)

: Welp that was FAST . . . Kanye and Kim’s marriage is on the VERGE OF COLLAPSE – so says an EXTREMELY RELIABLE insider that’s close to Kim Kardashian.

This week we heard all kinds of news about Kim and Kanye “flipping” their dream house – after they COMPLETELY customized it for themselves. The “reports” are that Kanye and Kim are trying to make some money on it – which may be true. But there’s MORE to the story. We’re told that Kanye West has decided he’s MOVING TO PARIS – without KIM!!!

Kim’s close friend tells that the real reason is that Kanye wants to live in Paris – WITHOUT Kim. The insider explained, “Kanye told [Kim] that he wants her to stay with her mom in Los Angeles, and that she can come visit hm in Paris. What kind of ISH is that.”

According to our insider, Kanye has wanted to live in Europe for some time, and he plans on STAYING THERE as early as this fall.

Tells the insider, “I don’t see how they are going to make the marriage work – with him living in Paris and her in Los Angeles. Kim is really upset about it.”

LOL . . . they’re marriage looks like it might not even last as long as Kris Humphries . . .