It’s GOING DOWN!!! R&B Diva Lil Mo . . . Was About To FIGHT Prince . . . At The Essence Festival!!

: Last night it almost WENT DOWN at the Essence Festival – between our homie, R&B Diva Lil Mo . . . and PRINCE. Here’s what happened. Lil Mo is at the Essence Festival promoting the upcoming season of R&B Divas, her new album, and her other ventures. Everything was all good until she crossed paths with Prince.

Lil Mo had a special CELEBRITY PAS that allowed her to walk basically anywhere at the Festival. When she was trying to go to the restroom and Prince was walking by, things nearly POPPED OFF. The NOLA police pushed her back from using the restroom, so that PRINCE could through.

Here’s what Lil Mo told us about the incident:

No shade [but] we aint come to see his ass!! Tell that Jehovah’s Witness [that] the broad that sings superwoman PT 2 was finna knock his bitch ass OUT. [He has] no songs on the radio. my parents came to essence and fell asleep. he owe me bitch! we LOVE LIL’ BOOSIE anyways. he did NOT act like this!!!!! and [he] sells our arenAs. amen

SHEEEEIT if those two would have FOUGHT . . . we put out money on MO!!!