: The THIRD TIME is hopefully a CHARM for R&B singer THE DREAM. That's because, according to a TOP MEDIATAKEOUT.OM snitch - the Dream was married earlier this week, to his new girlfriend LaLonne. The couple had been dating for SOME TIME - and we learned that LaLonne just learned that she's PREGNANT.

The Dream, being the STAND UP MAN that he is - proposed to LaLonne, and the pair went down to SAN FRANCISCO CITY HALL of Wednesday - where the pair were MARRIED. This is The Dream's THIRD marriage. He was married to Nivea, and Christina Milian. It will also be his SIXTH child, he has THREE with Nivea, One with Christina, and one with his FORMER fiance.

CONGRATS to the happy couple - who are BOTH avid MTO readers. HEY GUYS - ENJOY YOUR HONEYMOON!!!

This is NOT rumor - it is FACT. Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit us for this report. Failure to do so is PLAGIARISM. If you don't credit us, we will NEVER credit you with any news you break - EVER!!

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