NUH UHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Some School In New York Is SO RATCHET . . . . That They Hired ERICA MENA From Love And Hip Hop . . . As Their GRADUATION SPEAKER!!!

: The graduates of Unity Center for Urban Technologies got a special commencement speaker . . . Erica Mena from Love And Hip Hop. For those who DON’T KNOW HER . . . she is probably the MOST RATCHET GIRL on the entire Love And Hip Hop franchise.

Here is what was released with regard to Erica’s speech, from The Code of NYC:

During the speech Erica touched on her life, revealing she hadn’t received her diploma, but was inspired to do so after this revolutionary experience. She also shared other parts of her life as a mother, entrepreneur, model and creative before ending her speech.

“As you go through life, you’re going to make mistakes, but it’s not the mistake that counts, its how you bounce back! I’m not proud at the route I chose, but because of it I can stand before you today and deliver these words of wisdom. Learn from my story and remember life is what you make it. Where you’re from does not determine where you’re going. You are the creator of your destiny,” said Erica.

The financially restricted High School is mainly comprised of underprivileged minority students who weren’t able to enjoy prom due to the institutions lack of funds. When asked to attend, Erica saw the opportunity as chance to uplift spirits and grant students an alternative experience they would remember for years to come.

If you go to this school, we’re sorry for calling your school RATCHET, but it IS . . . for having THIS CHICK as your motivation speaker: