MTO EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Love And Hip Hop Star BENZINO Is Going IN On Twitter . . . Talking About ALL THE GUYS That Joseline F*CKED While She Was WITH STEVIE!!

: Benzino is UPSET that Joseline was GOING IN on Benzino’s fiance . . . because of her prior relationship with Stevie. To get even – Benzino drops some info on the CURRENT RELATIONSHIPS that Joseline has, while with husband Stevie.

According to Benzino these are some of the dudes that Joseline is either CURRENTLY f*cking . . . or has recently f*cked:
– Some guy named Lex, that’s friends with some other guy named Dantoni
– The weed man named Mark
– Her personal trainer
– The promoter at room service
– some guy named KD – Kevin Durant????
– a popular rapper.

He also says she’s hooked on that powder, which seems plausible.