MTO SUPER WORLD WIDE Exclusive: Very Popular Rapper Is CAUGHT SLIPPING . . . His EX-Girlfriend Releases Pics Of Him . . . SLEEPING BUTT NEKKID!!! (Warning – Graphic Pics Of TATTED UP RAPPER Inside)

: Rappers be careful how you TREAT YOUR GIRLFRIENDS . . . cause they may put you ON BLAST. That’s a lesson that rapper Mac Miller is learning RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

You see, he’d been PLAYING WITH A YOUNG LADY’S emotions for some time. He pretended to be single, but she found out hat Mac has a SERIOUS GIRLFRIEND.

So she did what SCORNED GIRLFRIENDS do in this new age of social media – she put him ON BLAST. Check out these ics of Mac sleeping AZZ-HOLE NEKKID in his Malibu home. Gee, we hope Mac’s LONGTIME GF doesn’t see these pics. LOL.

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