ALL THAT BEGGING WORKED!!! Paula Patton Seems Like She’s Ready To Take ROBIN THICK BACK!!! (Details INSIDE)

: just received word that Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are WORKING ON getting back together. This is a EXCLUSIVE report. According to one of Paula’s CLOSEST FRIENDS (an actress that we ALL know) . . . Paula has decided to give Robin Thicke another chance.

The insider told us that Paula and Robin are “working things out”. Robin has spent the night at the couple’s home a couple of days – but NO SEX so far. The insider explains, “Paula is really hurt and wants to make sure that Robin is not going to go back to his cheating once she lets him back in her life.”

The insider told MediaTakeOut,ocm, “He’s going to have to KEEP BEGGING for a few more weeks before Paula finally gives in. But she’s already basically gave in now.”

Well we’re not even going to HATE on Paula cause that’s her HUSBAND . . . and we’re all for MARRIED FOLKS working it out.