MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We Know The HEALTH PROBLEM . . . That Nearly KILLED Nicki Minaj . . . That She Talked About During Yesterday’s BET Awards!!!

: At last night’s BET Awards Nicki Minaj spoke out about an INCIDENT – where she “thought she was going to die.” Nicki claimed that she wanted to “Call 9-1-1” . . . but that she didn’t, because she “didn’t want TMZ to find out about it.”

So WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED that made Nicki Minaj almost “die”. Well we spoke to our OFFICIAL YOUNG MONEY SPY – who told us that Nicki thought that she may have suffered from a WEED OVERDOSE. LOL.

Yes, this is 100% FACTS here . . . a “WEED” overdose. According to snitch, Nicki was in the studio with Lil Wayne, and a BUNCH OF HIS CREW – and they were smoking tons of weed, and possibly OTHER SUBSTANCES. Nicki Minaj does NOT smoke weed, but she usually ALLOWS people to smoke around her when in the studio.

The insider told, “These [guys] went overboard with it though. They kept smoking and smoking, till the whole BUILDING was full of weed smoke.” Nicki, we’re told LEFT THE STUDIO, after she believed that she was getting a CONTACT HIGH.

When she arrived home, Nicki began having PALPITATIONS and difficulty breathing. She thought she was dying, but did NOT call for emergency help. Eventually the feeling passed . . . and she had THE MUNCHIES.

So there you have it . . . Nicki Minaj almost DIED off a CONTACT HIGH. She is so dang DRAMATIC with it . .. that’s why we LOVE HER SO!!