HETEROSEXUAL DISCRIMINATION??? True Blood Actor Was FORCED TO QUIT . . . When Directors Tried To ‘MAKE HIM’ . . . Have A GAY LOVE SCENE!!

: We’re not big fans of the HBO show True Blood. But one of the actors was FORCED TO QUIT . . . when producers tried to make him KISS DUDES ON CAMERA. Here is what Buzzfeed is reporting:

When Luke Grimes suddenly left the show in December, HBO attributed his decision to “the creative direction of the character.” But now that James’ Season 7 storyline is becoming clear — a budding romance with Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) — a source close to the show confirms that Grimes left because he was uncomfortable playing a gay character with same sex kissing and sex scenes. His character originally had an on-screen romance with a woman (Jessica). . .

According to the source close to True Blood, writers and cast members were baffled and angered by Grimes’ reluctance to take James in a same-sex direction, especially since True Blood has always been an overtly sexual show with heavy LGBT undertones.

We’re all for GAY TOLERANCE . . . but a straight man should NOT be forced to kiss other dudes just to keep his job. That’s discrimination.