MTO SUPER WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian’s ‘GARDENER’ Sues BABY NORTH WEST . . . Claims The One Year Old ‘ASSAULTED HIM’ . . . With Her DIRTY DIAPER!! (Shock Claims INSIDE)

: Baby North West is accused of being a spoiled little brat who made one man’s life a living hell … and now he is suing Kim Kardashian along with North West for 1 MILLION DOLLARS

A man named Chris Donnelly filed a 1 million dollar federal lawsuit against Kim & Kanye’s baby North West … along with Ms. Kardashian. According to his suit … he claims to have been a former groundskeeper for Kanye and Kim

He claims in court docs that baby North West is a spoiled brat who constantly screamed so loud his hearing was damaged. Further … while working with the family he says that North West spit baby food on him and threw a diaper at him … which caused him to fall into a pool and nearly drown. He claimed to have suffered emotional distress due to the incident

Donnelly also states a family member told him if he didn’t like how North West acted that she would punish him by making him shine shoes for dirt cheap. He even says if the family doesn’t pay him 1 million dollars he will go to the press and expose everything that happened to him while working for the family

However …. the judge in the case came back on June 25th and sided with Kim, Kanye & West … claiming the man cannot sue for the allegations he stated and that they are dismissing the case.

It’s not clear whether the man now plans on releasing the alleged damaging information to the press. But if he is . . . we’re DEFINITELY LISTENING.

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