MTO EXCLUSIVE SHOCK REPORT: Find Out The REAL REASON That Sherri Got FIRED From The View . . . It’s REAL F*CKED UP How They’re DOING HER!!!

: When learned that SHERRI SHEPARD was getting fired from The View yeaterday we were ANGRY. How the HELL they gonna fire the ONLY INTERESTING PERSON on that whole cast.

So we reached out to some of our MUTUAL FRIENDS (Sherri and ours) and this is what we were told. Just to be clear, we want to say that this DID NOT come from Sherri . . . it was someone REAL CLOSE TO HER though and it’s HER opinion, not ours.

Please tell your readers that Barbara Walters is a dirty b*tch, she’s the reason that Sherri got fired. All of the internal metrics showed that Sherri was the most popular member of the cast with the audience. But Barbara has been EXTRA TIGHT ever since Sherri called her out for supporting that PEDOPHILE Woody Allen.

I swear [that] from the day that Sherri called Barbara out for supporting that animal, her career was over at the show. That old witch was WAITING to fire Sherri, and she did it.

And BTW, those same metrics that showed that Sherri was the favorite, also showed that kiss azz Whoppi was the LEAST favorite. But because she’s so far up Barbara’s azz, she wasn’t getting fired.

That’s messed up, you should NOT be fired from your job for SPEAKING OUT against pedophiles. Somebody needs to start a PETITION to get Sherri back on the show.

Here is the video of Sherri calling out Barbara: