MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian Is CAUGHT . . . With A FAKE BABY . . . PRETENDING To Be A Good Mom For The Cameras!! (Her Stroller Is STUFFED . . . With TOWELS)

: Last week, Kim Kardashian was HARSHLY CRITICIZED for leaving her child alone on an airplane . . . while she went and got a MANICURE. Well she’s trying to REBUILD her image as a “good” mother, and so she staged a photo op yesterday.

It was supposed to show her and North arriving at LAX airport together. The only problem is that Nori was NOT WITH HER. She had what appeared to be a ROLLED UP TOWEL in the car seat – as a FAKE BABY.

In reality, Kim MORE THAN LIKELY left Nori at home with the babysitters while she jet set out of town. SMH . . .

Dang and we thought BEYONCE was the only one with enough GALL to try that mess.