BROKE!!! Guess Which One Of The COUPLE’S . . . On Bravo’s Show MARRIED TO THE MEDICINE . .. Is Really BROKE . . . We KNEW It!! (Receipts Inside)

: Married to Medicine star Lisa Cloud better watch out … because the federal government is coming after her and her husband … due to the MASSIVE amount they owe in back taxes

According to court docs filed on May 21st in Georgia ….. Lisa and her husband Dr. Darren Naugles owe Uncle Sam a hefty amount for unpaid taxes for the years 2011 & 2012

The Federal Government says in official docs that the couple owe them $72,638.22 for 2011 and $126,350.05 for 2012 for a grand total of $198,988.27 in back taxes

The lien states that if the debt is not paid immediately the IRS will come after the couples personal property and assets.