OOOOH SH*T!! The Courts Just Awarded NBA Star Dwyane Wade . . . HIS EX-WIFE’S HOUSE . . . Now She’s HOMELESS . . . She’s HOMELESS . . . La Da DEE . . . La Dee DAAA!!!

: The story of Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife Siovaughn is really a TRAGEDY. He left her about 5 years ago. It was KINDA FOUL the way he did it . . but it’s OLD NEWS and she needed to move on. Dwyane knew he was wrong so he was prepared to BREAK HER OFF with about $50 MILLION, half his fortune.

Instead, Siovaughn became BITTER and started fighting in the courts. Her mental health started to suffer and she ended up LOSING HER KIDS and getting very little from Dwyane. Now she’s homeless.

Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife was ordered to hand over the deed to the couples former home ….. but after she refused to do so …. the Illinois Court judge did it himself

The NBA star’s ex-wife Siovaughn Wade has been battling Dwyane in court for years in their never ending divorce … for support and custody of their kids along with cold hard cash.

Back in August 2013 …. the court entered a judgement which ordered Siovaughn to quit claim the deed to their modest Matteson, IL home to Dwyane.

Then earlier this month … docs were filed that show the judge in their divorce took matters into his own hands … after Siovaugn refused to follow the courts order. The judge issued a “Judge’s Deed” which essentially is the court awarded Dwyane the home without Siovaughn having a say in the matter

The home was purchased back in 2006 for 390k …. and is modest with 5 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms and only 2,280 square feet.

Wade clearly wasn’t in dire need of a pad …. given he owns a 10.6 MILLION dollar beach front mansion in Miami Beach … but what’s one more home for the NBA star.

Ladies, don’t let this HAPPEN TO YOU. If a man don’t want you no more – HIT HIS POCKETS and move on. Don’t be the next Siovaughn Wade.