You Know How They Told Y’all That MARVIN GAYE’S FAMILY Settled That Lawsuit With Robin Thicke And Pharell . . . Well That Was A LIE!!! (Details Inside)

: Late last year multiple media sources reported that Robin Thicke SETTLED HIS LAWSUIT with Marvin Gaye’s family over the song BLURRED LINES. Those reports were LIES – has all the REAL TEA!!

Robin Thicke is accusing Marvin Gaye’s family of refusing to hand over documents that he has determined will prove he DID NOT steal the music legends music for his hit song “Blurred Lines”

Thicke filed docs last week in his legal battle with Marvin Gaye’s family over his hit song “Blurred Lines” …. he sued the family to get the court to order that his song was NOT a copy of Marvin’s “Got to Give It Up” … and to prevent them from taking any legal action. The family counter-sued Thicke claiming he stole the music

In the docs … Thicke explains that Gaye’s family is refusing to hand over communications with Marvin’s music publisher EMI. He states that prior to filing suit against him …. they went to EMI and demanded they sue over “Blurred Lines” …. but they refused to do so claiming the songs were NOT at all similar and Thicke’s song was an original work.

The family is claiming Thicke has NO right to the communications but he thinks otherwise …. saying that the docs would prove the family filed their claims against him in BAD FAITH. He says that based on declarations given in the case ….. EMI investigated the infringement after the Gaye family went to them demanding they sue. He claims that EMI determined at the end of their investigation that their was no infringement and they advised the family to not pursue any legal action against Thicke

Thicke is asking the court to order the Gaye’s to turn over all communications they had with EMI …. in hopes it will help win the legal battle against them