MTO LOVE AND HIP HOP EXCLUSIVE: Chile . . . You Remember Stevie J’s EX-PUBLICIST Dawn . . . Well Did You Know She Spent TIME IN PRISON????

: Here is a report sent in by a reader.

Dawn shuntrice heflin aka Safari heflin aka Dr.heflin aka Dawn drennon she just came home from prison. She has been charged with several accounts of identity theft and credit card fraud.

She pretends to be more than what she is, she is a scam artist. She was recently released from federal prison in 2008. She is a convicted felon, where are her credentials since she like blasting everyone else. She is not a nurse or a doctor. Neither does she have a management company . She does not repair credit. And her baby’s father is not Boobie or a football player his name is Gitt a local azz hood n*gga.

She is just a Dade county scamming low life sick in the head person, who sets men up with bread and scam on the weak, who falls for her delusions of grandeur. Such as Mimi weak ass. Funny now Dawn hangs with all Joseline enemies.

MIMI BETTER be careful EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WHO DEALS WITH HER ITS ENDS BAD . One of here jail buddies commenting below and the . One more thing her rich broke ass wear this strip dress every where to every event

We did a quick check – and she does have a criminal history.