MTO ADVICE COLUMN: A Beautiful Lawyer Chick Was A THOT FOR THE NIGHT . . . With Rapper MEEK MILL . . . Now She’s PREGNANT And Wants to Know . . . SHOULD SHE HAVE AN ABORTION . . . Or NAH???

: Here is a request for advice sent to us by a MTO reader:

So my friend is pregnant by Meek Mill off a one night stand. I know, I know trifling. I’m not 100% sure it’s his but, she swears that it is with no other possibilities. She just passed the bar a few months ago and is fresh on a new job and wants to have an abortion, she has not even told him about it (in part because she doesn’t have his number).

I told her to keep the baby and get another job but, she doesn’t think it’s smart to take that risk just because he has money at the moment. Am I tripping or is she tripping? I mean some bishes have all the luck and don’t know what to do with it.

MTO ADVICE: No girl you are NOT tripping. She needs to have that baby and get at MEEK’S POCKETS. Hayle . . . she wouldn’t be the only single mom that’s an attorney. And with the $$ that she gets from dude, she can prolly pay her student loans and a car note.

What y’all think????