MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta Housewife KANDI’S Mother Claims Todd’s Father Is A PIMP . . . And His Mother A HEAUX . . . Well We Got The REAL REAL!! (We Spoke To Todd’s Cousin)

: Kandi and Todd are HAPPILY MARRIED, and we’re happy for them. But Kandi’s mother is throwing around some SERIOUS SLANDER towards Todd’s family. On Kandi’s new REALITY SHOW Mama Joyce keeps saying that Todd’s father is a PIMP and Todd’s mother is a heaux.

Well we spoke to Todd’s COUSIN, a tru OG chick from Harlem NY and she had THIS to say about the mess:

First of all its aight to joke around no problem with that but my Aunt Sharon is no hoe and his father wasn’t no f*cking pimp.

Mama golding joyce wack bird ass bitch was nothing but a gold digger creeping on her daughter father. She loves men with money, don’t believe me ask Jermaine Dupri on some real talk. Sh*t my family wasn’t feeling Kandi because of what we all know about how she was in the industry and what she did to get to the top. The same one who swears she holy ghost prayed up. I will not go in on Kandi cause what she was force into was by the hands of her mother, a pimp name sissy.

Gold digger b*tch pimp her daughter during the so so def era. Its sad how my family members [are looked] at. Todd is a real ninja fresh outta Harlem. Sh*t can get real serious, goons. And all his moms been through, she always work hard to support Todd. They far from being leeches.

[Kandi]’s the one who was pressing him and he fell for her heart not her pockets, he’s straight. Her mother is a ratchet ass bird.

Shout to Todd daughter smfh