The COURT Just Put ALL OF REALITY STAR Stevie J’s Financial Information Out There . . . Wanna Know HOW MUCH HE MAKES From LOVE AND HIP HOP!!! (He’s Makin’ Big $$$$$)

: Stevie J is in a lot MORE TROUBLE THAN WE THOUGHT – his child support case is FEDERAL. The US Attorney in New York is the one going after Stevie – trying to get him to pay back that MILLION DOLLARS he owes his babys mother. He must have really PIZZED someone off, cause we ain’t never heard of the FEDS going after somebody for their CHILD SUPPORT.

Anyways, the US Attorney of the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara held a press conference about Stevie J. He’s the HEAD FEDERAL PROSECUTOR for all of New York City, who was PERSONALLY appointed by President Obama. Yeah, it’s that SERIOUS.

During the PRESS CONFERENCE US Attorney Bharara put Stevie’s FINANCES out there. He said:

During the period in which JORDAN failed to satisfy his child support obligations, JORDAN was generating substantial income. Beginning in or about October 2012, for example, JORDAN became employed as a cast member on a reality television show [Love Abd Hip Hop] for which he was paid approximately $27,000 per month.

From January 2013 through August 2013, JORDAN received at least $193,000 for his work on the reality television show. Yet, during that same period, JORDAN did not make a single voluntary child support payment, and had a total of just $18,566 garnished and applied towards his child support obligations.

From 2003 through 2013, JORDAN also received approximately $105,000 in royalties from a company that pays royalties to musicians.

Stevie made almost 200 RACKS last year on Love and Hip Hop . . . . wow they paying like THAT???? Where can we sign up???