: MediaTakeOut.com just caught wind that G-Unit's new album Terminate On Sight is going to sell far more the execs over at Interscope imagined. According to the record label's projections Terminate On Sight could sell more than 700,000 units. We say "could sell" because it's not clear that the label even produced 700,000 units to be sold.

How can MediaTakeOut.com be so sure of what we're saying .... well because an email was sent out last week from a Interscope exec who said exactly that. Here's the email in its entirety:

From: xxxxxx@umusic.com
Sent: Fri Jun 27 16:13:53 2008

Guys we understand u are pissed, all we can say is 2nd week #s will be out of here.

We acknowledge we SIGNIFICANTLY underestimated the G unit fan base and online awareness. Therefore we have ordered an immediate increase in production, effective 9am today. Early first week estimates stand at around 700K to 800K US.... We are working to rectify the international shortcomings and put product in place by early next week. Don will be in touch.

We don't understand. 50 Cent and G-Unit are among the most popular hip hop artists in the world. How can someone at the label underestimate their sales? 50 has the right to spazz out and bust somebody in the head....

Our advice to all you G-Unit fans - go out and get a copy of the album FAST ... while supplies last ....


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