OOOOH CHILE . . . GET IN HERE!! We Got ALL THE TEA . . . About R&B Singer CIARA And Future’s RELATIONSHIP . . . Plus The DRAMA Surrounding The Baby’s BIRTH!!!

: This is coming from a person CLOSE TO CIARA. It’s 100% FACTS:

One week after the birth of their baby, Future had to go on a scheduled tour because he and Ciara had already spent the check tour sponsor Puma had given him to add to money for a new house and high end baby things. Ciara was actually induced because the baby was so late that he would had missed the birth if baby had come any later. Future was concerned that first time mom Ciara may be overwhelmed so he flew in her Mom, Dad, and even his mom to be with her. They are all set up in California for the next month.

He also paid a certified nurse to take leave from her job to live in the house with Ciara and the baby. Seemingly a nice gesture but truth be told he’s told friends that he really is concerned that Ciara is more concerned about losing weight than taking care of her baby. There has been a long standing rumor that Ciara may have an eating disorder. Not to mention, in the last month of pregnancy, Ciara was becoming depressed about being bigger than she’s ever been at 170 pounds. She’s already lost 25 pounds in a week and a half since birth. Just yesterday paps caught her sneak power walking in a private park for their gated community with nurse and assistant in tow.

This will come as news to Future who has repeatedly told Ciara that under no circumstances should se venture outside especially with his baby at least 4 weeks, the slotted time recommended by the doctor.