MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Christina Milian BROKE UP With Her Fiance . . . Is Now ‘DATING’ Lil Wayne!! (Tina TURN UP . . . GOT A TUNE UP)

: Welp . . . you knew it was coming. One of Christina Mlin’s friends tell us that Christina and her fiance Jas Prince are ‘ON BREAK’. We’re told that Christina is basically READY TO MOVE ON . . . but Jas is TOTALLY INLOVE with her – so she’s not COMPLETELY giving up on the relationship. But they are definitely ON BREAK. For receipts – peep Christina’s Instagram- she ain’t wearing no ring. And peep Jas’ instagram – he’s tweeting BIBLE VERSES about love “coming back” (lol).

Anyways that’s only HALF the story – the OTHER HALF – rapper Lil Wayne and her are dating. Christina na em might try and deny it – but this right here is #FACTS#