MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Tracy Morgan’s Leg Is ‘CRUSHED’ . . . Doctors Are Preparing TO AMPUTATE IT!!! (Sad News)

: EDITORS UPDATE: Good news, after Tracy underwent surgery it now seems that AMPUTATION is no longer necessary. Here is the update

Here is our original report, it was taken with information we received IMMEDIATELY after the crash. And we STAND BY IT!! just received some EXTREMELY GRAVE news regarding comedian Tracy Morgan’s health – following a DEVASTATING CAR CRASH yesterday. As you probably ALREADY KNOW Tracy and a number of his comedy colleagues were on a bus coming home from a gig, when a WALMART TRUCK smashed into them.

The media has been looking for an UPDATE on Tracy’s condition, but so far his close family has been very GUARDED in what they reveal.

But spoke with person who WORKS at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital – where Tracy is staying. They spoke to on the condition of anonymity. Here is what they said, “[Tracy] suffered a number of traumatic injuries, the most serious is his leg. It was crushed during the accident. [Doctors] are working hard to save his leg, but it looks like they may have to amputate.”

Wow. We’re told that other than the leg, they expect Tracy to make a full recovery. At least we got SOME good news to report.