MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Instagram Model Claims That She WAS KIDNAPPED By Rapper Chief Keef . . . HELD WITHOUT FOOD . . . And TRICKED Into Having UNPROTECTED SEX!!! (Shock Claims Plus RECEIPTS)

: Here is a letter we received from a popular Instagram model named Lauren:

I met Cheif keef on Instagram and after a couple days of talking to him, he told me he was going to fly me to his mansion in highland park in Chicag. [He said that] he wanted to change my life and make me his queen and take care of me and my child. When I got to Chicago, he had me picked up in a limo and took me to his house and had gifts for me, he got me drunk and high and I agreed to have sex with him but not unprotected sex.

Without my knowledge, he took the condom off and ejaculated in me several times telling me that he wanted me to have his baby. The next day I asked him to take me to get a plan b pill to prevent pregnancy and he got angry that I wanted to do that so he left me at his house, which was dirty after he did that to me.

I wanted to go home and he refused to let me leave or get me a ticket as well as kept my luggage from me. After waiting for him all day, he refused to feed me or allow his friends to take me to eat. I got in contact with his assistant “Jo Jo” and I told him I wanted to go home and if he wouldn’t let me leave he said he would try to work it out. But once he contacted Chief Keef about me wanting to leave, he called me and was angry that I contacted his “assistant” behind his back.

He came back to the house and destroyed all of my things that I had with me, then let me go to the airport. Once I was dropped off at the airport he begged me to stay and I told him no after him texting me asking if I was okay I told him to loose my number and since then I have been getting calls and texts to come back.