CAUGHT CREEPING!! Is Chris Brown’s Girfriend Karrueche . . . F*CKING Her Gay BFF . . . We Caught Them On Camera . . . Looking GUILTY AS SIN!!!

: Karrueche has been traveling around LA for the past year with a man who many refer to as her 'GAY' BFF. Ain't nobody never saw a D*CK IN HIS MOUTH or anything, but people just assume the man is 100% gay.

Anyways, we were sent an Instagram video of dude in the HOT TUB with Chris' GF . . . and they appeared to be up to no good. In fact, as soon as Kae saw the cameras on her . . . she SWERVED OUT THE WAY.

Now we know what you're thinking - DUDE IS GAY, right. Maybe he is - but remember it's a new DAY OUTCHEA, Antoine Dobson is knocking up chicks. The way that Karrueche hopped up when she saw the camera tells us she was UP TO NO GOOD.


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