: MediaTakeOut.com told you a couple of days ago that American Idol contestant Paris Bennett looked pregnant. Well it turns out that she IS PREGNANT.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune's gossip reporter C.J. managed to sit down with Paris' grandmother Jamecia Bennett and asked her straight up about the pregnancy - and grandma spilled the beans.

But there was more. Check out what else C.J. reported:

MediaTakeOut.com published photos of Paris and her grandmother. The website was not sure whether the photos confirmed web gossip about Paris being pregnant or whether she needs "to be pushing back from the table just a tad bit."

Jamecia said she's been surprised how tame, and relatively kind, MediaTakeOut has been. "You know they can be something else," said Jamecia.

See now ... y'all mess around ... MediaTakeOut.com might actually end up with a good reputation

Click here for C.J.'s full article


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