: Former NFL star Hugh Douglas is firing back at his mistress' abuse allegations ... claiming she is the one who beat him and striking him so hard his nose bleed .... this according to court docs

Douglas was sued last month by his ex-girlfriend Hope Davila who accused the former NFL star of assaulting her numerous times ... including one incident at a Connecticut hotel last year in which he was arrested. She sued for damages for the physical and emotional harm that Douglas caused her.

The NFL star filed a response on May 23rd .. in which he fires back at his ex claiming she suffered NO injuries from him.

He claims in docs that he did have a physical relationship with Davila for 8 months ... but says he never kept it a secret that he was married --- he is still married to wife Simona Douglas

Douglas says that he did take Davila to a hotel room on September 22nd 2013 ... but she became upset and decided to leave on her own.

He says he never walked down the hall and removed her from an elevator ... and never, "lifted Ms. Davila up by her neck and began “walking” her down the hall by the neck, with her legs dangling in the air, asphyxiating her." nor did he bang her head against the hallway or make her lose consciousness

Douglas claims that Davila "routinely invaded his privacy by examining his telephone and other electronic devices in an effort to learn of any other relationships with women. Defendant also admits one physical confrontation with plaintiff in which plaintiff struck defendant in the face with sufficient force to cause a nose bleed."

He says he never assaulted her and that she was the one who hit him. Douglas wants her lawsuit dismissed


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