: MediaTakeOut.com LEAKED THE FOOTAGE last year of MiMi and Nikko's SEXTAPE . . . well now we've learned that the NEWEST ADDITION to the cast of Love And Hip Hop New York has a SEXTAPE . . . and it just got LEAKED TO US.

Love And Hip Hop New York will add a new castmember next season - JHONNI BLAZE. She's a stripper that is managed by Rich Dollaz, and if you've seen her on MTO in the past . . . she knows how to TURN UP!!!

Anyways, we just got our hands on some EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE - of a "sextape" that she made. But if you look at the angles shot, it's clear that the video was PROFESSIONALLY SHOT - so calling it a "sextape" is a bit of a stretch.

Looks to us like SOMEBODY is trying to follow in MiMi's footsteps and get a couple MILLION OUTTA VIVID when Love And Hip Hop NY airs in a few months. If we're LEAKING the videos, and drumming up interest in them - shouldn't we get a CUT OF THE PROFITS???? We're just saying . . . it's a struggle outchea.

To see the UNCENSORED SCRREENSHOTS, click here


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