: MediaTakeOut.com just learned that FILMING IS UNDERWAY for the upcoming season of LOVE AND HIP HOP New York . . . and already it's been CRAZZZZ-ZZZY!!! You remember that skripper that we introduced y'all named JHONNI BLAZE . . . the one who had a MISCARRIAGE on stage while dancing (allegedly) - well she's on the show.

And JHONNI IS BRINGING IT. She's already got into it with co-star Erica Mena . . . and it's gettng real UGLY. Yesterday Erica reportedly said something VERY DISRESPECTFUL about Jhonni's deceased fiance. Her fiance was recently MURDERED at a club. And Jhonni BLACKED OUT.

Jhonni went on instagram and posted a nekkid pic of Erica taking a SHYT ON THE TOILET. Then made some very RECKLESS comments about Erica's ALLEGED drug use . . . and her ALLEGEDLY losing full custody of her son.

We like Erica, but Jhonni is the homie . . . so we know how she gets down. And TRUST us when we tell you that THIS UPCOMING SEASON of Love And Hip Hop is gonna be EXTRA EXTRA TURN'T UP!!!


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