: MediaTaeOut.com just got some CRAZY News . . . we're told by one of Karrueches BEST FRIENDS . . . that Chris Brown PROPOSED TO HER over the wekend. According to our insider - who is COMPLETELY CREDIBLE - Chris and Karrueche's relationship has grown STRONGER THAN EVER since he's been locked up.

And this weekend, Chris told her that he plans to "marry her" when he gets out. According to our snitch, Karrueche is VERRRRY EXCITED.

Wow . . . what y'all think, does Chris REALLY MEAN IT . . . or is that just that 'JAILHOUSE GAME' that men use to keep you from F*CKING OTHER PEOPLE when they're locked up???

By the way, today's Chris' birthday . . . so don't forget to PUT SOMETHING ON HIS COMMISSARY BOOKS today if you wanna show your support.


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