MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The SH*T Hit The Fan . . . Gay Black Man . . . Claims To Have Had A ‘RELATIONSHIP’ . . . With RACIST NBA Owner!!!

: We KNEW IT . . . we KNEW IT!! Some of y'all were QUESTIONING US . . . when we told y'all that underneath every RACIST, is a man with GAY FEELINGS towards Black men.

According to a VERY WELL PLACED SNITCH, the story about LA Clippers owner is about to go NUCLEAR!!! learned that a GAY AFRICAN AMERICAN man, is prepared to come forward - and discuss IN DETAIL - what the man claims is a ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP with Donald Sterling.

According to our insider, Donald and the man - whom we're told is very "ATHLETIC LOOKING" and "NOT FEMININE" had some sort of CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT. But now that the ISH HAS HIT THE FAN . . . dude is trying to get A CHECK!!!

When the news breaks - either later today or tomorrow - don't forget where you HEARD IT FIRST . . . on


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