: MediaTakeOut.com just received word that YESTERDAY in Atlanta, Tiny's BFF Shekinah was RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL after she FELL UNCONSCIOUS - while playing a charity baseball game.

The game, which was being FILMED FOR A NEW REALITY SHOW that Tiny and Shekinah are doing together, was supposed to be for FUN . . . and it turned TRAGIC. According to MediaTaeOut.com's insider, Shekinah ran around the bases, and then she PASSED OUT . . . COMPLETELY UNCONSCIOUS.

Th insider explained, "Everyone thought Shekinah was joking because she really didn't run that much. . . but when she didn't get up, they called the ambulance."

Shekinah was "near death" when the ambulance came - and she had to be revived by EMS workers. The young lady was given fluids and vitamins and spent the night in the hospital. Right now doctors are saying that it was due to "dehydration". But more tests results are expected today . . .

Develping. This is a MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVE report. If you don't credit us, we'll NEVER credit you.


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