: Ladies and gentlemen, we never thought we'd see the day . . . but MediaTakeOut.com is hearing from an EXTREMELY RELIABLE insider - that Jay and Bey's marriage is IN A LOT OF TROUBLE!!

According to our insider, last year this time - Jay Z's marriage was IN TATTERS. The insider explained, "With the baby [Blue], and Beyonce touring, they were drifting apart." At he time many MAJOR MEDIA SOURCES were reporting on Bey and Jay's marital strife also.

But the couple appeared to MAKE IT THROUGH the rough patch. MediaTakeOut.com's snitch explained, "It was [Jay Z] that really stepped up. He visited Beyonce on tour, spent more time with her, and stopped partying with random females." As of at least a few months ago, it seemed like JAY-ONCE finally ade it through their ROUGH PATCH.

Welp . .. now we're hearing that there's BIG TROUBLE in their household. How big . . . well big enough that Beyonce had her WEDDING RING TATTOO REMOVED from her hand. You see, when Jay Z PROPOSED to her, they both had the number 4 (Roman numerals "IV") tatted on their ring finger. And it's not clear WHAT JAY DID TO HER . . . but she just LASERED THAT ISH right off her finger.

Don't believe us . . . well look at the bELOW PICTURE - which shows Bey with a BANDAGE right where that TATTOO WAS.

Y'all remember when Keyshia COLE got her husbands name REMOVED OFF HER BODY. At the time they were saying EVERYTHING WAS FINE in their marriage . . . but it WASN'T!!!


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