: MediaTakeOut.com just heard a rumor . . . that ALLEGEDLY . . . there's a SEXTAPE with Love And Hip Hop star Erica from the NEW YORK franchise. According to our tipster the tape has Erica doing ALL KINDS OF FREAKY STUFF alone. We're told that the tape was INITIALLY stolen . . . but hat folks over at Vivid have reached out to Erica, to see if she's interested in making REAL MONEY by releasing it for $$.

As MediaTakeOut.com reported to you BEFORE, MiMi and Nikko are set to make as much as $5 MILLION from the release of the tape. The report that they'll receive $100K are LIES - MiMi and Nikko have a "REVENUE SHARE" deal with Vivid, and based on PRE-SALES ALONE they're going to make well over a MILLION DOLLARS EACH!!!


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