: MediaTakeOut.com just got a SUPER BLOCKBUSTER REPORT - Rihanna just posed nude for PLAYBOY MAGAZINE. We got a tip that the mag was looking to sign Rihanna a few months ago, but we were like . . . . NO WAY would Rihanna do it.

But we now have EVIDENCE that she did. Remember that NUDE PHOTOSHOOT that she did last week, that we thought was for a French mag. Well look closely at one of the assistants on the shoot - he's wearing a "Playboy" t-shirt.

And there's more. Yesterday, Rihanna was spotted wearing a PLAYBOY jacket.

Y'all may think it's coincidence, but that's ENOUGH EVIDENCE FOR US. When the rest of the world figures this out, and it's the BIGGEST NEWS IN THE COUNTRY, make sure that you remember where you learned about it FIRST - on MediaTakeOut.com.

This is a MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVE report. If you do not credit us, that's considered PLAGIARISM. We work hard for our exclusive reports, and will NEVER credit any media company that STEALS our reports and reposts them!!


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