: Porsha Williams has been FIRED from Bravo's top show The Atlanta Housewives, and been ARRESTED - all because she got to FIGHTING on set. But don't worry TOO HARD for Porsha, cause we just learned that she has a NEW JOB!!

According to MediaTakeOut.com's TOP SNITCH, Porsha was asked to JOIN THE CAST OF LOVE AND HIP HOP. The insider explained, "Mona and them are basically BEGGING Porsha to join, they offered her the same money that she was making at Real Housewives - about $150K a season."

We're told that Porsha is "still holding out hope" that Bravo will re-sign her (they won't, TRUST). But once Bravo makes it official . . . she's going to be joining LOVE AND HIP HOP, where fighting is not just ACCEPTED . . . it's PROMOTED!!!


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