TOLD YA SO!! 50 Cent Confirms Getting Into A FIST FIGHT With Floyd Mayweather!!!

: You'll recall a few months ago, was the first and only news source in the world to report that rapper 50 Cent and boxer Floyd Mayweather got into a fist fight. In our report we told you that one of our G-Unit insiders gave us all the details.

Well, guess what. 50 went on New York's Hot 97 the other day and CONFIRMED what we reported - 100%. (Read our initial report here)

To Listen To 50 Confirm Our Report, click here

And to think ... some of you guys didn't believe us. Some of y'all even started talking sideways about us. Here's what a few of you guys said:

Guilty_Pleasure - Another story made up by MTO. Floyd Mayweather is a business man and I can't see him fighting for free. Especially against 50 who he could get millions for fighting on TV.

KEKO1720 - Funny how MTO always get its "crap"... sorry..."news" from an insider...
As much "bitchassness" 50 has...I don't think that they would have been coo again after throwing blows...

MDL219 - This story is so fake. First off it was told by someone in his camp that was not there. "according to a member of 50's camp, who heard all about the incident, "punches were thrown." Please MTO, yall have to come better than that, I cant wait to see yall sued for LYING!!!!!

Kandiladi - UMMM....YEAH RIGHT MTO!

SMDH ... Don't worry you guys, you don't have to apologize .... Just next time have a little more faith...


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