: MediaTakeOut.com has been hearing rumblings about Courtney Vance and Angela Basset\'s relationship for years. Now in a recent interview, Courtney Vance and Angela Basset offered a glimpse into their odd love life. Here\'s an excerpt from the article:

What\'s Love Got to Do With It star Angela Bassett and her husband, actor Courtney B. Vance, made the most of their wedding night in 1997 after abstaining from sex for a full year before the nuptials. The long-time friends chose to be celibate for 12 months after Law & Order: Criminal Intent star Vance proposed and had just one night to consummate their marriage before Bassett flew off to shoot movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

The couple, who have revealed all about their romance and marriage in new book Friends: A Love Story, admit they\'ll always be fond of Santa Monica, California hotel Shutters On The Beach, where they spent their one-night honeymoon.

And, although Bassett is glad she waited to consummate their union, it was tough. Vance recalls, \"Because we knew this relationship was so special we decided to abstain from sex until after we were married.\" But Bassett reveals, \"That was my brilliant idea, but it wasn\'t easy. Actually, one night, I did beg Courtney to give in.\"

Now we\'re all for taking a relationship slow, but waiting an entire year for sex??? And turning down a begging Angela Bassett??

Angela honey, how can we put this lightly. Remember what ended up happening to Stella and her husband in real life, well... And Courtney, how you doin\'.


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