: It happened!! MediaTakeOut.com has made a living bringing you some of the biggest entertainment scoops of the year. We were the first news source in the world to tell you that Jennifer Lopez was pregnant, that Usher and Tameka Foster were getting married, and that and Diddy and Kim Porter were expecting twins. But now, get ready for our BIGGEST exclusive scoop ever.

MediaTakeOut.com can officially confirm to you that last week Jay Z and Beyonce were married in a small private ceremony in Paris, France.

And we have proof. According to our source, who is an EXTREMELY close family member of Beyonce's, the couple chose, instead of exchanging rings, to tattoo a personal inscription on each of their ring fingers.

We can tell you that right now ABSOLUTELY NO ONE else in the world of media is reporting this. Not any blogger, not any newspaper, no radio disc jockey, no TV personality - just us. We figured that we'd let you in on our little exclusive. You know the one that everyone and their mama are going to be talking about by this afternoon.,.

If you’re a member of the media, we ask that you please credit MediaTakeOut.com when you report on this story. We're a small media company that works extremely hard to deliver the best in Black celebrity news to the world.


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