: MediaTakeOut.com has made a living exposing the lies and inaccuracies on VH1's hit series I Love New York. Well here goes another. It turns out that Tailor Made is legally married.

According to one of our faithful readers E.J., who might want to consider becoming a private investigator, Tailor Made AKA George Wesigerber first served his wife with divorce papers on October 29, 2007 - more than 3 months after I Love New York was shot..

And there's more. According to official court documents, Tailor Made's divorce is not scheduled to be completed until March 29, 2009.

But if you think that's interesting, check this out. In tonight's final episode of I Love New York, Tailor Made proposes to New York and gives her a multi-carat engagement ring.

Why is that so interesting? Because under the law, if a person is married to one woman and he gives an engagement ring to another - he forfeits the right to legally reclaim the ring if the engagement falls apart. That means that if, at any point, New York decides to change her mind - she does not have to return the engagement ring.

We know that New York is a HUGE fan of MediaTakeOut.com, so right about now she's probably jumping for joy. And if we know New York like we think we do - you can expect to see the ring on Ebay by the end of the week.



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