: Earlier this week MediaTakeOut.com reported that we would out a down low R&B singer if he didn’t apologize to one of our readers. Unfortunately for all of us, it now looks like the reader and the R&B artist have made up.

That means we won’t be putting the down low singer On Blast!. Here’s what our faithful reader had to say about it:

What\'s good media take out! It is amazing how this post caused so much drama. I talked to [The R&B artist] today and we were able to come to a truce. I have thought long and hard and I don\'t want to ruin his family and image. I was done wrong and got caught up in the hurt. I don\'t want to hurt him because I still care. You can let the readers know that he did indeed wrong me, but I forgive him.

You can also let that trick who said I need Jesus know that I got him very much so and we did not have [EXPLETIVE ACT]. So I am nowhere near stupid, and have much game about myself. If people must know, he is human too but our situation was different. I rather his name not be said but you can let the fans know they did guess right, without saying his name.

Thanks so much and trust I will keep you updated about the situation and other things amongst that. Much luv!

EDITORS NOTE: We really wish that we could tell you who the down low R&B singer is, but we promised J.B. that we wouldn’t reveal the name. In order to not disappoint you guys in the future, we won’t be publishing any more “apologize-or-else” articles.

Sorry for the tease. Now we know what’s up, what’s up, what’s up,


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